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  • Acura RSX ASP Header 02-06 Custom K20 or K24 Header DC5 Chassis
Acura RSX 02-06 Custom K20 Or K24 Header
Quick Overview
ASP Headers DC5 Acura RSX 02-06 using the K20 or K24 block. Custom 304 stainless steel header. Individually designed to match each client's motor specs. Design includes duel diameter runners which allow the lengths to be adjusted for optimum efficiency and full hp:tq potential.The megaphone option is used to maintain the best mid range power. Made in USA.
Exhaust Hookup

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Product Description
Options: For 2.5 inch after cat exhaust hook up. We include a 2.5 inch 304 stainless steel test pipe, one o2 bung and a standard 2.5 inch 3 bolt exhaust flange.

For 3 inch exhaust hook up after cat location we include a 3 inch megaphone, reverse cone, o2 bung, and 3 inch v-band assembly. All 3 inch exhausts will require a portion of the v-band provided to be welded to the clients exhaust.
Includes: Material in US grade 304 stainless steel. Machined K series head flange. Mandrel bent equal length primary & secondary runners. 4 beehive collector springs, 8 spring tabs. 1 compact true 4-1 merge collector. And whichever exhaust side option you choose.
Restrictions: Off road use only. O2 sensor extension required.