'our quality is your piece of mind'

Company History

  • Advanced Street Performance was founded in 2007 by Stefan Barbu and co-business owner, Charles Dundon.
  • Both brought an abundant of mechanical knowledge and background experience to the business.
  • Stefan, being an educated Aircraft Technician and a well recognized Honda Acura enthuses.
  • Charles being a Certified Automotive Technician with an extreme passion for Nissan Infiniti.
  • Unfortunately as business picked up speed, the pressures of a young business took its toll on the two men's lives.
  • In 2010, the they split in a mutual agreement, with Stefan taking over the business.
  • 2010 ASP Headers created the first K-swap naturally aspirated hood exit header ever designed.
  • This launched a frenzy in the competitive world of drag racing as drivers pushed to brake into the 10's.
  • Despite the 2008 - 2012 global recession, the shop could not keep up with customer demand and a decision was made to discontinue the Nissan Infiniti product line, as well as the mild steel variations previously offered.
  • The result meant that inventory could be cut in half allowing for retail prices to not fluctuate.
  • Research and development could be honed in on Honda, Acura’s most recent rage, the K20, K24 engine swaps.
  • By 2013 the business was being recognized world wide for it's allure to cater their custom headers to individual client motor specs.
  • Specializing in Honda Acura was a big risk as it excluded a large customer base.
  • The risk was worth the reward as the knowledge and experience showed positive results.
  • Now, nearing the end of 2015, ASP Headers has proven to be a consistent competitor and contributor to performance advancement and setting the standards for high quality Honda Acura performance parts.