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  • ASP Swap Header 4 into 1 Stainless steel
K Swap Budget Header Integra 94-01 Civic 92-00
Quick Overview
304 Stainless Steel K-Swap Budget Header - This is non customizable. Designed to fit the Acura Integra 94-01, & the Honda Civic 92-95 - 96-00. For use with HaSport EGK1 mounts or HR 2nd generation mounts. Applies to EG, EK, and DC2. Made in USA.
Product Description
Includes: Material made from 304 stainless steel. Machined K series head flange. Mandrel bent 1 7/8 runners. 4 beehive collector springs, 8 spring tabs. 1 compact true 4-1 merge collector. A Burns megaphone, reverse transition, O2 bung, & 3 inch v-band assembly.
Restrictions: Off road use only. Our budget headers are designed with a single size runner unlike our custom headers that use primary and secondary runners. What this means to you: This header is best used for a daily driver, the motor hasn't been largely modified, and the driver preferes a smooth supply of power throughout the RPM band.